MONICA & TYLER AIELLO - Artists & Educators


In the space between art and science exists the creative explorations of Monica and Tyler Aiello. The husband and wife team translate the macro and micro of the Universe into form and thrive on sharing their knowledge through both studio and public practice work. The couple is nationally-acclaimed for both their fine art endeavors and extensive contributions to the field of education. Through all their efforts, the Aiellos aim to unite the arts, sciences and creative communities. 

For over a decade, the Aiellos have collaborated closely with the scientific community, an association which fuels both their studio practice and education efforts. Monica consults with noted scientists involved with NASA’s planetary missions to construct her astro-geologically inspired work. After extensive research, she creates her lush, glassy pieces by meticulously layering acrylic, varnish, ink, paper and fiber - like strata to interpret the geomorphology of the planets and moons within our Solar System. From the mysterious satellites of Jupiter to our own home planet Earth, Monica is renowned for innovations in acrylic work and conceptual landscape painting. Tyler’s elegant sculptures draw from the micromorphology within the organic world of biology, botany and chemistry fused with engineering and mathematics. He unites sensual, biomorphic forms using industrial materials such as wood, steel and light. The Aiello's work has been featured in galleries and museums across the country. 

Collectors appreciate their meticulous craftsmanship, laborious processes and attention to detail which is fused with meaningful scientific and social content. They are often commissioned for large-scale corporate and public art and their work appears in many museum, corporate and private collections. Due to dual nature of their work, they have been featured at both art and science institutions and in many art, science and popular publications. 

The Aiellos are equally committed to sharing their knowledge through EUREKUS, their educational initiative for exploring science and engineering through the lens of art and culture. For over 10 years, the Aiellos have pioneered innovative STEAM education and outreach programs - uniting Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Each year they work with thousands of students of all ages at formal and informal institutions exploring unique, arts-integrated approaches for STEM learning. As acclaimed STEAM specialists, the couple consults with NASA, K-12 schools, museums, colleges and libraries nation-wide. Equally passionate about art making and community engagement, the Aiellos were pioneers of Denver's River North Arts District (RINO) where they owned the award-winning gallery Studio Aiello and sculpture facility the TarFactory.